Stella Washington-Bell, Mayor
“Tomorrow’s Changes Start with Today’s Actions”

Board Meetings
Town of Vaiden
First Monday of each month at 6pm

Grant in 2021

$100k MDA for Farmer Market Bldg
$35k USDA for Excavator (pending)

Public Service Meeting February 22, 2021 ($35,000 Excavator)

Streets Paved 2021

Cherry, Locust, McDougal, and North Streets

Grants in 2020

$505k MHC for Homes Rehabilitation
$450k MDA Sewer/Lagoon Project
$50k USDA Generators for Booster Stations
$5k USDA for 8 ft Bushhog

Water System

Lines Flushed Quarterly

Ongoing Projects:

Upgrading the restrooms in the Gym
Upgrading the Park sitting area and more

Pending Projects:

Install a 6” waterline to Hwy 430 Booster Station
Install outside restrooms in the Park
Install Splash Pad in the Park
Install Radio Read Meters throughout the Water System

Remember to shop locally to keep the sales tax dollars in Vaiden.





 CITY HALL NEW OFFICE HOURS                                       

           MON-FRI  8:00-12:00 NOON    1:00-5:00 P.M.

Welcome to the town of Vaiden Mississippi Website.

It is my honor and privilege to extend the warmest of greetings to you as you visit our website.

The town’s Motto is – The Past – Helping the Present – Build the Future.


Let’s start with a few things about the town of Vaiden, Mississippi. Vaiden was establish in 1860. The census has our population at 734, but we have grown a little since the census was taken in 2010. One of the town’s main goals is to be the healthiest small town in Mississippi.


  • Early morning Senior Walking Group at the gym
  • Early morning Walking Group at the North Vaiden Veterans Park
  • The town received five (5) Gold Star Awards from the “Let’s Move” program started by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, as a healthy small town.
  • The town won two imaginary playground set from KaBoom & Dr Pepper Snapple Group for our physical activities programs.
  • The town received a self-help grant to build the North Vaiden Veterans Park along with two pavilions and a 16 feet wide rubberized Atlas Walking/Running Track.
  • The town has a children’s park with one pavilion and one gazebo

There are several points of interest throughout the town.   Besides our magnificent historical homes, we have a leather shop, cotton gin, St. Clements Episcopal Church built in the 1800s, Vaiden Cemetery, and our spectacular Vaiden Living Center.


But wait a minute, if you are hungry, we have some eateries also:T& M, the Truck Stop, Guy’s Fish House (Thursday-Saturday), and the Triple Stop Deli.


Again, welcome to our website.